Ghaleh Jigh Gas Compressor Station, Control system (DCS) based on ABB Freelance 2000, ESD system based on HIMA H41Q

  • Pre-Commissioning

This part of project deals with the station’s DCS and ESD panels and UCP.

Check outing of panels’ installation, the input cable connections, power supplies, panel’s earthing system, and environmental condition are performed in the first step. All DCS and ESD panels are connected and communicated through the industrial network. Moreover, HITEC was responsible for providing the operating system and the relevant DCS and ESD software for both Engineering and Operator Stations for short-term compatibility tests. Starting up and performing diagnostic tests on DCS and ESD systems. Connecting the system’s signal and checking all I/Os individually, and performing the Site Acceptance Test (SAT) are the last stage of pre-commissioning.

  • Commissioning

Our experts were responsible for activating analog and digital I/Os in the control system. In some cases, I/Os were forced to evaluate the control system’s performance. Commissioning, parameters tuning, and modifications based on the operating personnel’s comments were the last part of this project.